Smartology SmartMatch™ Bot Policy


SmartMatch™ is a contextual demand side advertising platform, providing contextually relevant content in branded ad creatives buying from Real Time Bidding (RTB) exchanges.

Context is provided using semantic vectors to match advertiser content with publisher content. The semantic vectors are generated for both publisher article content and advertiser content to allow real time matching of bid requests.

Semantic Vector

We use statistical natural language processing and deep learning to create a semantic vector which is a mathematical representation of the meaning of a content item.


To generate semantic vectors for publisher content, the content of an article must first be analysed. The content of an article, in this instance, consists of the article headline and the article body only. This content is analysed only when a programmatic bid request is first received by SmartMatch for that article URL. Once the semantic vector has been generated, only the vector is stored for future matching.

Commercially beneficial

Smartology only analyses domain pages in order to buy display ad slots. When we place adverts on a domain, that domain benefits from revenue generated by that placement.

Smartology will only actively use our bot with a domain while one or more advertisers wish to buy advertising space on that domain. Before any action by our bot, there must be suitable ad slot dimensions and budget available. If we have no advertisers targeting a domain, then bot activity ceases.

A domain’s intellectual property is important to us. It is not possible to to recreate the original content from semantic vectors we generate and this vector is used exclusively for targeting adverts.

Bot policy

Our bot can be expected to make many thousands of requests per day across many domains.

Bot Identification


SmartologyBot/1.0 (+

Match pattern

SmartologyBot\/\d+\.\d+ \(\+.*\)

Domain Owner Consent

Smartology will observe a domain's published terms in relation to bots. If no declaration is made in the domain’s terms, our bot will read and comply with the path exclusions and crawl-delay directive if present in the robots.txt. In the absence of this directive or a robots.txt file, our bot will never make requests at a frequency of greater than 1 page per second per domain.

IP Validation

Our current IP address list and user-agent match pattern can be validated dynamically at:

Content Delivery Networks - Verified Bot

As a verified bot, we have demonstrated to CDN platforms that our bot follows best practices. To enable Smartology Ads, check the instructions for your CDN provider.


Set SmartologyBot to “allow” using your DataDome dashboard.