Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ll try to answer all the questions you have. 

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact page.

$300 (or € or £).

We have a daily minimum spend of $100 (or € or £) and a minimum campaign period of 3 days.  We chose this as a minimum to ensure your campaign achieved your goals.

$65,000 (or € or £). 

If your budget exceeds this, please contact our sales team at to discuss our fully managed service.

We have a daily minimum spend of $100 (or € or £). 

We will restrict your campaign dates to ensure that your budget matches or exceeds 100 units of your chosen currency every day.

We have created a Best Practice Guide to help you get the most out of your SmartMatch™ campaign.

Download your copy below:



Your articles should be automatically generated using the image and copy on the URLs supplied at the previous stage.  If not, the title, content and call to action can be manually added or amended by using the ‘Copy’ tab.

We default to Roboto font in black, but you may change this by going to the ‘Preview your work’ tab and expanding the right-hand menu bar to amend creative size, fonts and colours.  

You can now preview your creatives and edit as necessary to achieve the desired effect.Clicking Next will take you to your Campaign Summary page where you can perform a final check, before submitting your campaign for approval.

If you have an ad blocker enabled, please turn this off for the domain. Otherwise, please contact

It is not possible to add more budget to a campaign that is already running. Instead, we recommend that you use the copy feature to duplicate all the settings of the running campaign and adjust dates and budget as appropriate to this campaign, which will be approved and invoiced separately to the current campaign.

Our bidding algorithm optimises bids based on the time of day. So it bids less at night when there is less traffic and more during the times of day when traffic is at its highest and always optimises for the quality of the contextual match.

We only support JPG and PNG images with a limit of 5 MB.