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Explore our range of advertisement solutions to find the perfect fit for your brand's unique needs. Whether you're looking for flexibility or full support, our tailored options ensure you achieve optimal results aligned with your marketing objectives.

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AI-powered content profiling

Our technology transcends basic keyword matching by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence to read and understand your content just like a human would. This sophisticated yet straightforward approach allows us to pair your content with hyper-relevant news articles, leading to significantly higher engagement.

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a fully cookie-free solution

We have always been 100% committed to internet privacy, relying solely on the strength of our contextual matches rather than user data. As traditional cookie-based advertising fades away, the industry is recognizing that this approach not only respects user privacy but also delivers superior results for advertisers.

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premium publisher networks

With a network of over 200 meticulously selected publishers, we offer advertising solutions that align with your campaign objectives. Our curated networks cover various verticals, ensuring extensive reach and precise contextualised targeting. Our comprehensive reporting dashboard provides detailed insights into publication performance and engagement metrics, helping you understand where your advertisements appear and how they perform.


brand safety

SmartMatch™ has a powerful in-built brand safety mechanism that automatically excludes sensitive news items from campaigns. It is also completely customisable, meaning brands can finely tune the content they are appearing next to.

Understanding Brand Safety