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In a privacy-first world, the SmartMatch™ platform contextually targets content to the right audiences on the world’s leading publishers at the right time driving higher engagement.

And without any user data whatsoever.


A unique self-service SaaS platform empowering global brands to quickly and efficiently generate contextual advertising using their existing content.

Align contextually relevant content advertising in a cookie-free and brand-safe environment, engaging customers in the exact moment they are interested in the branded content you have created. Campaigns can be set up in minutes, in a few easy steps. Get smart and see for yourself how simple it is to use. Add your content URLs to create a sample campaign. Until you enter invoicing details and ‘submit for approval’, there are no costs or obligations.

We want you to see how we have removed the complexity, so all that you need to provide is great branded content.

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Privacy First

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Brand Safety & Suitability

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Higher Engagement

Click through rate up to four times industry average
Average bounce rate down 50%
Average page views up three times
Average dwell time up 12.5 times

Pinpoint the right audiences on the world’s leading publishers at the right time with higher engagement than ever before. Whether based on clicks or post-click attribution, connecting context and content with SmartMatch™ next generation contextual targeting has a far greater impact on engagement than traditional targeting techniques when compared to the industry average.

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Transparent Pricing

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