SmartMatch™ Self-Service

Our self-service platform allows brands and agencies to set up a SmartMatch campaign in a matter of minutes, providing the flexibility and control needed to quickly adapt to market demands. Download our Infopaper or request a demo from a member of our team to find out more.

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Flexible Budget Options

With no minimum spend requirements, you have the flexibility to allocate your budget as needed. No subscription required — cancel anytime.

Full Campaign Control

Easily manage campaign setup by selecting your budget, publishers, campaign dates, geo-targeting, and content. Customise your creatives with ease and make real-time edits once the campaign is live. SmartMatch self-service puts you in complete control.

Rapid Launch

Set up in minutes and go live within 24 hours, allowing you to quickly react to key events. Track your ad placements in real-time through our comprehensive reporting dashboard.

SmartMatch™ Pro

dedicated customer success team
in-house design team
premium media titles

For a more tailored experience, collaborate with our dedicated in-house team to set up your campaign, design your creatives and manage reporting.
Our experienced Customer Success Team will help you customise the premium publisher network to best reach your campaign objectives and ensure your ads appear in the most relevant and high-quality contexts.

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Capitalise on trending events by placing your ads alongside highly relevant news coverage.

Whether it's culture, sports, climate, or any other type of event, SmartMoments ensures your ads are seen at the most impactful times.

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