Content & Engagement


By Clare Newman


Organisations are investing more in content marketing. Some outsource, some produce in-house, but either way promoted via the right channels, these content items can drive real engagement and impact. But, it goes without saying, that the content needs to be engaging. Here, we share our top tips for creating great content.

  1. It may sound obvious but create branded content that is relevant. Not only relevant to your customer base but by keeping an eye on the subjects that are currently topical you have the potential to reach a wider audience. By sharing topical content with the addition of your unique commentary, in keeping with your brand personality you will deliver original and engaging content.
  2. Post new content regularly to your site. The more content you include, the more your Google ranking will increase too.
  3. But branded content should cover different objectives. One day promote thought leadership around a product, next blog about recent events or reference company values, then talk about sector research and insights. Occasionally add some humour or personality, perhaps by introducing individuals from your organisation.
  4. Aim to include some evergreen content. A selection of the posts should be sustainable, lasting and continue to be relevant beyond the day it is published.
  5. Don’t let your old content go to waste. Even though you published an article in 2015 it doesn’t mean you can’t refresh it with new content and updated 2021 information.
  6. Ensure your content is accurate – if quoting statistics or a study, make sure it is sourced from a reputable site.
  7. Information changes regularly so ensure any references to = statistics or studies are still relevant.
  8. Think about your content headline. Make it intriguing, pique the readers’ interest but always refer to the subject you are referencing within the content main body and you’ll get more clicks.
  9. Your content introduction needs to maintain the readers’ interest so that they go on to read the entire article. Get them hooked as otherwise they may not get as far as your CTA.
  10. And finally….your CTA! Whether it’s a link to purchase the featured product, or a link to a landing page for sign-ups or to request a demo. Make sure these links are obvious so that your visitors can complete the desired action.
If you get your branded content creation right, then your follow on brand amplification strategy becomes so much more successful!