Life at Smartology


By Bella Bruschini,
Head of Customer Success


April and May saw both Stress Awareness Month and Mental Health Awareness Week. At Smartology, we organised a few activities to raise awareness and discuss different coping mechanisms.

For Stress Awareness Month, we ran sessions in meditation and drawing, as well as a Body Pump class thanks to our in-house instructor Claudiu Mihăilă. All sessions underpinned the benefits of these activities on mental health, as well as their ability to relieve stress. In this hybrid-working world, it also reminds us of the benefits, and fun, of in-person group activities and teamwork.

Mental Health Awareness Week saw a coffee and pastry morning to catch up with colleagues, which also added a nice break to the workday. Friday then included an early finish - who doesn’t enjoy a longer weekend!

Mental health is an incredibly important topic, both in and outside the workplace, so it’s great to have these Awareness Months/Weeks to ignite beneficial and crucial discussions. How did your company celebrate Stress Awareness Month & Mental Health Awareness Week?