Smartology Launches Innovative New Self Service Contextual Platform

Smartology is excited to announce today’s beta launch of our unique Self Service offering. Through the My.Smartology intuitive dashboard, agencies and clients alike will be able to quickly and simply set up and manage their very own SmartMatch™ campaigns.

From content upload to easy-to-use creative design templates, this new offering will suit brands looking to amplify their branded content and thought leadership in contextual environments across quality premium media placements.

With Smartology’s proprietary machine learning at the heart of this innovative technology, the contextual matching is automated and does not require any manual tagging. It includes customisable semantic brand safety measures to ensure you are always front-of-mind with your intended audience while avoiding inappropriate placement alongside sensitive topics.

SmartMatch™ embraces the new era of privacy, targeting branded content to users in the moment they are interested in a topic, on context alone, protecting user privacy by not resorting to cookies, fingerprinting or personalised targeting of any kind. Monetise moments for your brand and see far higher engagement than traditional audience targeting techniques.

Smartology CEO Mark Bembridge comments, “This platform has been over a year in the making and I salute our engineering team for developing a scalable, game-changing solution for a digital advertising market in desperate need of innovation. SmartMatch™ Self Service ushers in a new chapter in targeting fit for the 2020’s focusing on trust, impact, quality and integrity”.

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